Noah's Story

As the mom of an 8 year old autistic grandson given to us by the courts at the age of 3 months, you can
imagine how hard it was to watch our new son begin to exhibit signs of autism between 2 and 3 years of age...

How to Order

Whether you're interested in using Young Living’s natural health products or earning extra income, there’s a place in the Young Living community for you.

  1. Pick the membership that matches your current interests.
  2. Click Become a Member Now and follow the online account setup.
  • Independent Distributor—I want to buy Young Living products at wholesale pricing (a 24% discount off retail pricing), share Young Living products with others, and introduce others to the Young Living opportunity.  As a distributor, you never have to sell a single thing to keep your wholesale pricing, but you'll love our products so much that sharing will become as natural as grocery shopping and church attendance.
  • Customer—I want to buy Young Living products at full retail pricing, but am not interested in receiving a regular shipment each month.

Compare Young Living Membership Options

Membership OptionProduct Discount/CostEssential Rewards Program
(recurring monthly shipments)
Earn CommissionsStarter Kit
Independent DistributorWholesale (24% off retail)OptionalOptionalRequired
See available kits
CustomerFull retailNot availableNot availableOptional

Benefits of Becoming an Independent Distributor:

  • Wholesale pricing: Save 24% off retail pricing. Plus, gain access to all other specials and promotions. More affordable access to Young Living products puts wellness within your reach.
  • Essential Rewards: As a distributor, you're eligible to enroll in the Essential Rewards program for an automatic monthly shipment and reduced shipping rate. Plus, earn as much as 20% of each order in Essential Reward points redeemable for Young Living products.
  • Earning commissions: Experiencing Young Living products will compel you to share and network with others, and when you pass these products on,  you’re rewarded!  As part of Young Living's network marketing opportunity you can start supplementing your income with generous bonuses and commissions.
  • Community: Enjoy a close-knit community of support. In addition to your sponsor, the Young Living corporate office has people in place to assist and encourage you. The Young Living family is dedicated to inspiring one another to make a difference.

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